The Secret to Long Lasting Candles

If you’re like me, you’ve probably spent more money than you’d like to think about on candles over the years. That’s ok, self-care and luxury come at a price, and we deserve it!

I designed the NuMe candles to burn slowly - I like to really make sure that you’re getting your money’s worth and that you have as much time as possible to enjoy your NuMe Moods candles. 

Over the years, I’ve also crafted a few tips for prolonging the life of a candle even more. By using these tips and taking the time to care for your candles properly, you can get more out of your candles so that you can enjoy each scent longer. Great candles are like a great vacation - you don’t want them to end!

Trim your wicks

This seems to be a tip that many people tend to ignore, but regularly trimming the wick can result in the candle burning for up to 25% longer. Wicks that are too long also create more soot and can cause uneven burning.

Location, location, location

Not enough people think of where they’re placing their candles when they light them. Your candles should be kept on a flat surface to ensure even burning. You should also avoid placing candles near vents, fans, and open windows, which can also lead to uneven burning or can put out the flame. Hot areas of the house, such as near the stove, fireplace, or heater, should also be avoided as they can melt the candles.

Timing is everything

As tempting as it may be, especially when you first buy a candle and are eager to see how it smells when lit, don’t light your candles for just a few minutes. In fact, they should be lit for 1-4 hours each time you light them. Any less than that can cause tunneling, which is when only the center of the candle melts. Any more than 4 hours can create a flame that’s too large and will cause your candle to smoke.

Put a lid on it!

When you’re not burning a candle – which, if you’re like me, is rare – your candles should be covered. This will protect your candle from dust, preserving the wax and the scent. We want your candles to continue looking and smelling good!

Give it a rest!

Even candles need some rest & relaxation. After putting out a candle’s flame, wait at least 2 hours before relighting the candle. This allows the candle enough time to fully cool, which will make your candle last longer and will prevent burning yourself if you need to trim the wick.

Follow these tips and you’re sure to get plenty of life from your candles, especially if they’re NuMe Moods candles. ;)

Happy lighting!

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