Creating Memories Through Scents

Have you ever walked into a room and instantly the aroma in the room transports your mind to a familiar place? The brain is very powerful and the sense of smell taps right into the part of your brain responsible for creativity, emotions, and memory.


I have been so intentional with NuMe Moods. Each fragrance is intended to carry you away to a place of calm. The time you spend curating your atmosphere’s aroma will forever be stamped into the memory centers of those you invite into your space.  There are more than 1000 receptors in the brain dedicated to smell, while only less than 10 are dedicated to touch and sight. I believe God was intentional with how He created these senses, don’t you? 


Have you ever heard, “you will not always remember when people said or what people did, but you’ll always remember how they made you feel”? Now, imagine a person that’s connected to that statement. Think back and try to recall an interaction you had with an individual that made you feel happy, sad, angry, afraid, etc.  Close your eyes, can you see them? Can you remember what you smelled at that time too? I can always remember my dad’s cologne. His scent will always make me smile and feel warm and fuzzy. I can also connect to the way my uncle’s car smelled when he spent all day Saturday washing it and blasting music. Those are some of my happiest memories as a child. You see where I’m going with this?


I want you to choose the candles and room sprays that you feel will help you design a full spacial experience.  Whether that experience is for yourself, your family, or even for this Holiday Season. Allow NuMe to set the mood in your home.

Until Next Week!

Myrline St. Hubert

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